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Whether you're looking for classic bedtime stories for adults, kids' favorites, funny stories to make you giggle, or soothing tales to relax before sleep, you'll find a wonderful selection here. We feature heartwarming stories about animals, imaginative adventures to faraway lands, sweet tales of friendship and more. Some stories are short enough to read in five minutes, while others will capture your imagination for a little longer.

New Bedtime Stories For ADULTS
A T-Rex In Christmas
Santa Comes On A Monday
A Christmas Wish For Amelia
Arianna And The Naughty Elves
Luna’s Magical Christmas Adventure
The Enchanted Christmas Bell

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Dizzy the Dino’s Underwear Adventure
The Good T-Rex
Brachy’s Day Out
Dino Dreams Bedtime Adventure
A Tiny Spider In My Hat
The Alphabet Adventure
Little Timmy’s Potty Party
The Triceratops That Could Fly

Bedtime Stories For Kids and Adults 

Bible Bedtime Stories

Timmy’s Leap of Faith in God
The Enchanted Book
Little Eli Listens to God
The Little Shepherd’s First Battle
The Little Girl and the Heavenly Star
The Courageous Little Dove

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Hello there! I'm Andrea Rojas, the storyteller behind the bedtime stories on this blog. By day, I'm a mom to the ever-smiling Arianna, but by night, I'm on a mission to make bedtime magical. I've always believed that a good night's sleep is the secret ingredient to a happy life, so join us as we embark on dreamy adventures, explore fantastical worlds, and drift off to sleep with a sprinkle of imagination. Let's make bedtime the highlight of your day!